Visualize Music Offline – SYQEL Releases Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac

Audio-Reactive Music Visualizer Desktop App Offers Stunning Visuals Offline for DJs and Streamers

Friday, December 11, 2020 – Boulder, CO – SYQEL, the highest quality audio-reactive AI-powered music visualizing app in the VJing software sphere, is now available for desktop download. DJs and streamers on Windows and macOS devices can use the app offline to generate 8K ready visuals anywhere and everywhere, with no complicated interface or huge learning curve.

SYQEL has revolutionized the music listening and DJing experience by providing an app that receives audio input from a user’s PC and reacts to it, automatically creating a visual experience on-screen for any listener. The app features innovations in AI and audio-reactivity, which eliminate the need for a complex user interface to learn. The end result is an immersive visual experience created by nothing more than downloading an app.

The app is perfect for DJs and streamers who have been affected by stay-at-home orders. It is also for those who simply want to enhance their listening experience at home, in meditation sessions, in small gatherings, or in virtual happy hours. It is an attractive option for those who want to generate visuals, but do not want to learn how to use an overloaded interface, or pay an excessive amount for a more convenient product.

“We wanted to bridge the divide between audio and visual senses, to help create a seamless immersive experience for DJs, streamers, for music lovers everywhere. It needed to be something accessible, high-quality, but easy to use. The SYQEL desktop app is that something – and it will revolutionize the way we see music.”

Yoav Shalev, Founder, SYQEL LLC

Making Music Visualization More Accessible

Installing the desktop app takes no more than 5 minutes. Simply navigate to the SYQEL website, sign up for an account, and click “Download Now.” Choose an audio input source (desktop or microphone) and start playing music from any desktop media player (YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, PC’s media player, etc.) The app automatically starts to generate visuals, pulling from a repository of 50,000+ visuals and transitions to create an immersive experience in real time.

The desktop app comes with a DJ streaming URL that can be connected to any streaming source (OBS, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, etc.)

Paid users are able to load their branded logo to the app as a watermark which will show when the app is in use. They will also have access to premium visualizations and features like karaoke mode.

Pricing starts at $9/month, with a free plan option for casual listeners to try the music visualization app.


Creating a high-quality visual immersion experience for DJs, streamers, and listeners – with no software learning curve – is what the makers behind the SYQEL music visualizer app are dedicated to. SYQEL combines AI and over 50,000 visual frames and transitions to visualize your music. It auto-reacts to PC desktop audio or microphone input, immediately after installing the app. With no complicated setup or software interface to learn, there are no barriers to use. Anyone can create a visual listening experience with SYQEL: The music visualizer app.

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